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Additional Programs, Benefits and Savings

Applicable to all plans


Value Added Programs  
Essential Medical Eye Care Included ($20 copay per exam)
Low Vision 75% for low vision aids, up to $1,000 (Testing every 2 years)
Extra Discounts & Savings  
Lens Enhancements Average savings of 30%
Featured Frame Brands Extra $20 allowance
Additional Pairs of Glasses 20% savings
Sunglasses 20% savings
Laser Vision Correction Average savings of 15%
Out-of-Network Allowances  
Examination Up to $45
Single Vision Lenses Up to $30
Bifocal Lenses Up to $50
Trifocal Lense Up to $65
Lenticular Lenses Up to $100
Frame Up to $70
Elective Contact Lenses Up to $105 (not subject to copay)
Necessary Contact Lenses Up to $210